The Short Term Residential Support Program are central to Thomas House mission.

Services offered during the short term stay are  medical and nursing care, food, medications  and education pertaining to the illness of the child. We find that many parents have no understanding of wound care , asthma, basic temperature and fever  management and feeding the ill child. Our resident nurse  includes all parents in treatments  to ensure the parents are informed about the treatment and why it is being carried out. If it is possible that the child’s condition will be continuous e.g. asthma, skin conditions such as eczema  etc, our staff instruct the parent how to treat the condition and how to recognize emergency situations. Consumables necessary for management of the condition e.g. Ventolin inhaler, creams and dressings are provided to the family.  Follow up visits to the child’s home  are made post discharge from Thomas’ House.

In the case of  the terminally ill child, our trained staff will ensure that the child’s physical and emotional needs  are met while maintaining appropriate medications targeted at providing a pain and stress free end of life.