The Nutritional Support Program comprises providing a cooked Khmer style midday meal for low income families  who are supporting  disabled children.

Thomas House currently supports families who are raising disabled children. Due to the absence  of  respite  or day care assistance for the disabled child, family members have to stay in the home to care for the child. This reduces the potential employment opportunities  for  the family and ensures that the cycle of poverty remains entrenched. This reduction  of income translates into reduced food for the child and family of carers. The reduced food intake impacts the parent/carer by reducing energy levels required for the care of the child with special needs. The malnourished child becomes at risk of intellectual and physical impairment.

Thomas House provides a cooked meal comprising of rice, vegetables, meat or fish and fruit , at Thomas’ House 5 days per week. If people are unable to come to thomas´House to eat or collect their meal, our staff deliver it to their homes.

To be eligible for the NutritionSupport Program families must hold a ´`poor card`´ issued by the Cambodian government and must be providing a supporting home environment to children