The Basic  Hygiene and Health Support Program aims to provide basic sanitation and health  support to the children of low income families. Typically our families have no access to fresh water or sanitation.

Thomas House provides the opportunity each morning for children to bathe, de louse their hair  by shampooing  and   brush their teeth. Children are offered a small snack of rice or bread and a piece of fruit.  All bathing is done with due consideration of the child’s privacy. The boys use a small cubicle to change from their own clothes to a pair of boxer shorts  and wear these while they bathe. The girls use our bathroom and can choose to shower with another girl  friend or by themselves. They are able to lock the door to restrict entry from outside.

The children are encouraged to report any minor skin infections, cuts or abrasions to our Nurse who is able to provide initial  effective care thereby reducing the risk of major infection at a later stage.

Any major issues are discussed with our doctor before we go to the parent to discuss the status of the child.