Donate now buttonWheelchairs and mobility aids are available for purchase in Cambodia but the cost of purchasing them are beyond the ability of all but the richest person. A second complication of these chairs is that they are not suitable for use in the very rough grounds in and around  our villages.

A small number of our disabled children can achieve mobility if they have a wheelchair or mobility aid such as a walking frame .  Thomas’ House is able to design, manufacture and supply wheelchairs and aids suitable for our environment, free of charge. A typical cost of one of the wheelchairs is around $50 USD.

There is little opportunity for our villagers to learn new skills in the low socio economic environment and so few people are able to break the cycle of poverty by earning money.

We recognise that the skills required to manufacture a chair or mobility aid may be a valuable asset to any person seeking ways to support themselves by becoming a welder or metal product manufacturer. We have now developed a  vocational educational curriculum which provides instructions  to persons interested in learning  metal work design, measuring , cutting , welding and finishing. This education is informally provided when any potential student requesting  instruction. All training delivery occurs at Thomas’ House.

As part of our Vocational Education Program we also deliver a 12 module  course of instruction in Care for the Child which is targeted at young mothers and girls who may be interested in learning skills that have the potential to earn them employment as a Nanny or Child Care worked in the burgeoning Cambodian economy.